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Send us your stories of how you've reunited with old friends, school crushes and relatives through SAPeople Connect. Or how you've made new friends and contacts on the site. Your story may be published on this page AND used in magazines, TV and radio interviews. Inspire others to join - so we can all find each other more easily!

Email us your success stories and let us know if you have any photos too.

Thank you, thank you, and thank you!!! Three weeks after posting a notice that I was looking for my cousin, I received an e-mail from someone who is a friend of a friend who gave me my cousin's mobile number. This is a touching story and a wonderful advertisement for SAPeople Connect. My father was one of identical twins born in 1914. My father's twin brother had a son called Derick. In 1964, 2 years before my birth, my uncle died in a car crash. My father then lost touch with his nephew. In 2004 my dad had a stroke which left him bedridden. I decided to try to find my cousin whom my dad had not seen for 43 years. And the rest is history. After 43 years my cousin Derick came to visit. He is the spitting image of my father and I would have recognized him even though I had never set eyes on him before. It was so touching to see the two of them looking at each other in total awe. He has the same feet and legs and even the same big ears. Thank you so much for reuniting us, it was awesome. Congratulations on a great site.

Firstly I would like to thank SAPeople Connect for this great technology in order for us to keep in contact with old school mates and friends. When I logged on to this site I saw many names of people I was familiar with. I never thought that I would ever be able to chat with them again. Thank you SAPeople Connect.

Dear SAPeople Connect Team,
Wow, both my friends made contact within 10 min of my email that I sent to them via SAPeople Connect. Lost contact in 1991 and now we can make up for the time lost.
Thank you sooooooo much!!!!!


I last saw my high school friend in 1985. When a colleague sent me the web address of SAPeople Connect, I had one dream, to find my high school best friend. I registered hoping that she was also registered, I went in, and there she was. By the time I got to talk to her, I became 16 again and my kids where shocked to see me scream like them on the phone remembering how we loved Michael Jackson songs in high school. We met in December 2006 and we are still best friends, Thank you so much SAPeople Connect. Eva Johannesburg
Just wanted you to know that within the first day that I joined the SAPeople Connect site, I found my friends.........and it's like an early Christmas present. Thank you for this wonderful site. I moved away from the Vaal Triangle in the eighties and lost contact with my 2 friends Lydia and Eleanor Fourie.
We will be hooking up soon, thanks again SAPeople Connect!

Judy du Preez nee Gouws

I sent a text to a familiar name to see whether I would get a response. A phone call to my mobile in Brisbane Australia came some months later and the voice said "Hi Rosie - this is Hills" you and I went to Muizenberg High School together. I could feel my face redden and my heart pounding at the mention of a town so close at heart but so many years and so many thousands of kms. away. The next shock came when she told me she was living in Sydney Australia. We agreed to meet. I jumped on a plane and was met by Hills at the airport. Like a slow motion movie, I ran towards her car and we hugged. Now the irony here is that although we shared the same teachers, the same friends, attended the same excursions and interests, we were never actually friends with each other. It has taken over 36 years to find each other again through that common thread of school and friends that holds so many of us together. Today we can't wait to call each other, visit each other! and laugh at the days in that special place called Muizenberg. Thank you SAPeople Connect, I found Hills and since then so many more friends that are scattered around the world. What an awesome feeling!

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